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A new solution

We've always strived to deliver great value for clients, and our updated personal safety solution will give more to lone workers, their managers and an employer. Here's an introductory taste of some of the new and exciting developments.

How does the solution work?

Your investment, and a user's empowerment. 24/7 protection, at the push of a button.

A person feels their personal safety is threatened or could be seriously compromised.

The device user selects the 'Red Alert' function on their device, to raise an alarm. This is a 24/7 supported service, alerts can also be raised automatically where a user has deployed the 'incapacitation' function.

SoloProtect devices are enabled with cellular technology (4G | 3G | 2G) in order to raise the alarm on a user's behalf.

The SoloProtect device will contact the SoloProtect Monitoring Centre or an Alarm Contact (depending on the specified solution), in order to a facilitate alarm verification and/or escalation.

Personal Safety Solutions

Clear choice, greater transparency, and easy to specify. Personal safety made simple.


Connect is perfect for small businesses, single departments, or individuals looking to boost their personal safety or lone worker protection.

Choose from
SoloProtect ID
SoloProtect Mobile

SoloProtect Insights is the key to any successful solution deployment. Giving total lone worker management – reducing administration for your team and helping you create a team structure to reflect your organisation, whilst delivering key metrics to all.

SoloProtect Insights
Mobile first

A manager and their team can access in the office, at home or out in the field. Designed for use across all types of device - Insights is the hub for your solution's deployment and ongoing use.

SoloProtect Insights
Work smarter

Insights is structured to reflect your organisation. Administration can be devolved across departmental managers to make solution implementation a concurrent process rather than linear. Helping to get your workers onboard quickly and efficiently.

SoloProtect Insights
Improved workflows

Insights gives you up to date information based on the location of mobile teams, and allows you to deliver messages to staff, based on new or developing information. So as something changes, you're able to react accordingly, with minimal disruption.

Personal Safety Devices

A range of devices to give specifiers genuine choice and flexibility across their team(s).

SoloProtect ID
SoloProtect ID

A trusted option for lone workers that require a discreet form-factor. Particularly anyone regularly displaying ID as part of access to a location, address or to deliver a service.

SoloProtect Mini (M1)
SoloProtect Mini (M1)

Great to use at work, but just as comfortable in your personal life. SoloProtect Mini (M¹) is a sleek personal safety option, that you won't be shy to show-off.

SoloProtect Mini (M2)
SoloProtect Mini (M2)

Pocket-sized but packs a punch. The SoloProtect Mini (M²) is versatile, exciting and loves the outdoors. Great personal safety, whatever gets thrown your way.

SoloProtect Mobile
SoloProtect Mobile

The personal safety app that's engaging to use, easy to deploy, and simple to measure.

What do our clients say?

Don't just take our word for it, see some of our latest case studies.

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John Lewis
Project Implementation Manager
By deploying a SoloProtect lone worker solution we’ve ensured a potentially serious situation was resolved without incident.
Client Name
Buckinghamshire Council
Lead Officer
The layout and clarity of SoloProtect Insights makes it simple and rewarding to use, both for device users and portal administrators.
Client Name
Domino's Pizza
Transport Planning Assistant
The SoloProtect solution gives us peace of mind that if a situation does arise, there is always someone there ready to listen, monitoring our safety and wellbeing...
Director of Commercial and Loss Prevention
SoloProtect has undoubtedly helped our employees feel safer, they know if they raise an alarm, SoloProtect are working their hardest to quickly verify the seriousness of the alarm and escalate it accordingly.
Head of Operations - North
We have a high proportion of lone workers at NCP and they face a variety of risk, therefore, it's hugely important we have precautions in place to protect our staff. We're keen to ensure that all NCP lone workers have access to a SoloProtect lone worker device.
Suzy Lamplugh Trust
Suzy Lamplugh Trust Chief Executive
Whether you have one lone worker or a thousand, it’s important you, as an employer, do everything you can to ensure their safety.
Group Chief Engineer at Edina
Since adopting the SoloProtect lone worker solution, we’ve been pleased with the support we’ve received from the company, and how easily the solution has been adopted by our workforce.
Corporate Health and Safety Manager
SoloProtect has undoubtedly helped our staff feel safer, they know they can quickly raise an alarm if their safety was ever compromised.
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