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How does it work?

Our lone worker safety solution provides workers and managers with peace of mind in an emergency. Our customers benefit from reduced risk, greater visibility of remote teams, and valuable operational insight. So how does it work? Watch our short video.

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Lone Worker Devices and Apps

Choose from our range of lone worker devices and mobile apps. There's something for every job role and risk profile including a brand NEW range of intuitive, 4G, touchscreen devices.

SoloProtect ID Touch
SoloProtect ID Touch

NEW: A safety device and ID badge combined. SoloProtect ID Touch is the next generation of lone worker device with touchscreen, 4G connectivity and Wi-Fi Calling.

SoloProtect Shield
SoloProtect Shield

NEW: SoloProtect Shield is a pocket-sized, 4G, touchscreen device with a wide range of features (inc. Wi-Fi Calling). Perfect for workers with an active role.

SoloProtect Curve
SoloProtect Curve

NEW: SoloProtect Curve is a stylish, 4G, touchscreen personal safety device with bags of features, plenty of curb appeal and Wi-Fi Calling.

SoloProtect ID Classic
SoloProtect ID Classic

SoloProtect ID Classic is a simple, effective and cost-efficient solution, giving workers peace of mind that they can easily and discreetly call for help in an emergency.

SoloProtect Go
SoloProtect Go

SoloProtect Go is a small, fob-style lone worker device that provides simple but effective protection from social or environmental risks.

SoloProtect Mobile
SoloProtect Mobile

The SoloProtect Mobile app quickly transforms a phone into a valuable, efficient and cost-effective personal safety tool.

Rapid, 24/7 emergency support

Get help to your lone workers when they need it most.

A lone worker device or app user feels their personal safety is under threat.

The user selects the 'Red Alert' function on their device or app to raise an alarm. An alert will also be raised automatically if the device or app senses the user is incapacitated.

SoloProtect devices are equipped with cellular technology (4G | 3G | 2G) and will open a call with the Monitoring Centre.

An operator will quickly verify the seriousness of the incident and initiate an appropriate response e.g. alerting the emergency services or a manager.

All aspects of our lone worker safety solution are linked to SoloProtect Insights. The online platform can be accessed from any device, anywhere, and it’s pivotal to the ongoing management and success of a solution deployment.

SoloProtect Insights
Simple user onboarding and training

Easily allocate device or app licenses to users, manage escalation contacts, and access a range of training materials and videos.

SoloProtect Insights
Comprehensive automated reporting

Review a range of comprehensive usage and alarm reports, and request audio files from genuine incidents for legal or training purposes.

SoloProtect Insights
View “Latest Location” information

Access user location information to facilitate redeployment decisions or track the progress of work where location is a key indicator.

News and Resources

Here's a snapshot of popular lone working news and resources from SoloProtect.

The cost of a lone worker safety solution

SoloProtect can offer lone worker safety solutions from £3 per month. This is approximately the price of a coffee from a well-known coffee shop...

Lone Working Policy: guide and template

A comprehensive Lone Working Policy is more than just guidance for working alone. It's also an effective way of promoting a positive safety culture...

Lone Worker Risk Assessments: your guide

Lone Worker Risk Assessments are key to controlling hazards. Here’s our guide which features a helpful template to download...

What do our clients say?

Don't just take our word for it, see some of our latest case studies.

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John Lewis
Project Implementation Manager
By deploying a SoloProtect lone worker solution we’ve ensured a potentially serious situation was resolved without incident.
Client Name
Buckinghamshire Council
Lead Officer
The layout and clarity of SoloProtect Insights makes it simple and rewarding to use, both for device users and portal administrators.
Client Name
Domino's Pizza
Transport Planning Assistant
The SoloProtect solution gives us peace of mind that if a situation does arise, there is always someone there ready to listen, monitoring our safety and wellbeing...
Director of Commercial and Loss Prevention
SoloProtect has undoubtedly helped our employees feel safer, they know if they raise an alarm, SoloProtect are working their hardest to quickly verify the seriousness of the alarm and escalate it accordingly.
Suzy Lamplugh Trust
Suzy Lamplugh Trust Chief Executive
Whether you have one lone worker or a thousand, it’s important you, as an employer, do everything you can to ensure their safety.
Group Chief Engineer at Edina
Since adopting the SoloProtect lone worker solution, we’ve been pleased with the support we’ve received from the company, and how easily the solution has been adopted by our workforce.
Corporate Health and Safety Manager
SoloProtect has undoubtedly helped our staff feel safer, they know they can quickly raise an alarm if their safety was ever compromised.
Have a question?
If you'd like to understand how SoloProtect can help to keep your workers safe, and deliver operational and financial benefits to your organisation, please get in touch.
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