Monitoring Timer

Monitoring Timer provides lone and remote workers with comprehensive protection and peace of mind in low signal areas.

Low (or zero) signal areas can be a safety concern for lone and remote workers and a headache for managers because mobile phones and many safety devices will struggle to connect to a network in an emergency.

Our Monitoring Timer feature helps you to manage this risk effectively, with zero interruption to your operations. It also encourages your workers to carry out a thorough dynamic risk assessment before they enter an area that they know has a poor or variable signal.

Examples of low signal areas may include:

  • Remote or rural locations where cellular mast infrastructure is developing
  • Areas exhibiting distinct geographical features that limit mobile network services due to topography e.g. mountains
  • Building structures, materials or subterranean spaces that inhibit mobile network availability.

How does Monitoring Timer reduce risk in low signal areas?

1. The lone worker device user sets the Monitoring Timer before entering an area that they know has a poor signal.

For example, if a utilities worker is about to enter an underground location with no cellular or Wi-Fi signal and they expect to be underground for 1 hour, they would set the Monitoring Timer for 60 minutes.

2. This sets a timer within our Alarm Receiving Centre systems.

3. When the device user has finished their task and is back in an area with a stronger cellular signal, they should manually stop the timer before it expires.

4. If the timer expires without being cancelled, operators in our Alarm Receiving Centre will begin a pre-agreed process of escalation and attempt to locate the worker and confirm their safety.

Note: We would always recommend using Monitoring Timer in conjunction with our Check-In feature. A Check-In message can provide valuable information about the user's location and activity should the timer elapse.

What are the benefits of Monitoring Timer to an employer?

  • Promotes thorough dynamic risk assessments
  • Empowers workers to choose the appropriate support for their activity and location
  • Users are given peace of mind and the mental space to focus on their job, rather than worrying about safety risks. This ensures an interrupted work schedule, driving productivity
  • A clear mechanism to support duty of care requirements, with evidence and reporting within SoloProtect Insights.

Which devices are equipped with the Monitoring Timer feature?

Monitoring Timer is available on our three touchscreen devices: the SoloProtect ID Touch, SoloProtect Shield and SoloProtect Curve.

These devices are also equipped with Wi-Fi Calling which is the ideal solution if you have access to a secure Wi-Fi hotspot but have a poor cellular signal. Take a look at our blog: How can Wi-Fi Calling enhance lone worker safety? 

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