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Is a lone working safety app the best option for your lone workers?

Many employers are actively considering personal safety applications to equip lone or mobile workers in the event of verbal abuse, aggression, or injury.

Lone worker safety apps can be a great way to reduce risk and to deploy across a mobile team, who may already have been issued with Android or iOS handsets as part of their work equipment by their employer.

Issuing a lone working app to employees can also be a cost-effective way to engender better occupational safety, and with great flexibility across an organisation. Empowering teams and equipping them with 24/7 monitoring support when needed - with the simplicity of delivering to staff directly to their mobile phone(s).

Personal Safety Applications:

Personal safety apps are increasingly deployed by organisations across all industries to keep people safe. They offer several benefits for a lone working user and their employer, including:

  • Users are not required to carry additional devices
  • Lone worker safety apps are extremely easy to integrate into a user’s apparel
  • Deploying apps is often more cost-effective than dedicated lone worker devices
  • Redeploying applications across a dynamic workforce requires less administrative time
  • Apps have a greater opportunity for ongoing development or update.

Considering the risk to users:

Whether a lone worker mobile application fits the risk application of a worker will depend on a number of factors. Any employee safety app should be fit for purpose, easy to access and effective at minimising risk to the user.

Employers and employees should work together to establish whether a lone working application is the best option for staff to use, or perhaps consider whether a dedicated lone worker device may be more appropriate. Any personal safety app should deliver similar or identical solution benefits to the user - essentially only differing in form factor. Any safety application should deliver 24/7 monitoring centre support when selected by the user.

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Potential users of a personal safety application:

A personal safety app can work for several worker applications, but before selecting a form factor, it’s always worth considering the following.

  • Would your workers benefit from a discreet means to raise an alarm?
  • Do they face acute risk(s)
  • Or a high occurrence of risk(s)
  • Is your team more of a mobile workforce than a lone working one?
  • Do your workers need a device to be wearable?

Typical safety app users can often be:

  • Retail workers – particularly managers or those with regional responsibilities or frequent travel between several locations
  • Business users that are typically based in the office, but with occasional travel
  • Sales people
  • Utilities workers
  • Homeworkers
  • Flexible contract workers

SoloProtect Mobile is available as part of a fully managed, lone worker solution from SoloProtect and is available to Android and iOS users.

SoloProtect Mobile has an engaging and intuitive user interface as well as key solution features including:

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