Lone Worker Security for Social Housing Workers

Reducing risk to community based personnel

Housing Associations and other Social Housing providers regularly deploy personnel to deliver a mix of services in the community, often lone working in other people's homes.

Unfortunately, the most recent Inside Housing data showed a 10% year-on-year, increase in physical assaults on front-line housing personnel, with 208 reported. Verbal abuse remains an even more frequent issue, with 1798 reported over the same time period.

As a result, it's no surprise to learn that almost 60% of the workers surveyed cited a lasting mental health impact as a result of workplace aggression.

Deploying a SoloProtect Personal Safety Solution can deliver safety benefits to front-line housing workers, but also help department managers and the wider organisation deliver genuine value to the employer - both in terms of safety, but also operationally.

Helping customers to:

  • Give peace of mind to mobile staff and lone workers with 24/7 alarm support, and discreet personal safety devices
  • Document verbal abuse, inform training and best practice
  • Deliver protection against trips, falls and incapacitation
  • Get up-to-date location information to assist in better coordination across mobile teams
  • Deliver dashboard reporting to key stakeholders on solution usage, reflected across an organisation's department structure
  • Receive up-to-date and credible information regarding the working status of employees across a team or group
  • Greater visibility of any mobile personnel
  • Support workers to report incidents and document them effectively.

We continue to work with a significant number of Social Housing providers who benefit from the comprehensive range of devices and apps. Take a look at our lone worker solutions for more information or request a demo.

Read what the Housing Group, Connexus, had to say about our solution on LinkedIn.

Business Case Support

Business Case Support

You can read more about the benefits of investing in a personal safety or lone working solution in our Business Case Support document - available on the Knowledge Base.

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