A fitting lone worker solution

SoloProtect can provide you with a range of BS 8484 approved lone worker solutions, designed to meet the diverse risk profile of a lone worker.

A SoloProtect personal safety solution can help a manager empower a team to reduce the risks they face, and deliver great operational benefits to their employer.

Our solutions are fitting in the sense that we have a range of simple solution packages to choose from, with transparent feature benefits, making it simple to specify.

We also include a raft of lone worker device technology for deploment by an end-user, to enable the solution. One size doesn't fit all, so a mix of form-factors is available to fit the needs of different worker roles and risks.

All benefit from:

  • Greater connectivity through 4G enablement 
  • Splash-proof / Water resistance
  • Up to 48 hours battery life Incapacitation detection (Commonly referred to as 'a Man Down Alarm')

All solutions include:

  • Lone Worker Device or application | SIM Card and all-inclusive network usage (Fair usage policy applies).
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Alarm Receiving Centre support.
  • Access to SoloProtect Insights for total lone worker solution management including staff training and comprehensive solution reporting
  • UK Customer Support team
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