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SoloProtect ID Amber Alert

Recording key contextual information to assist in our response in the event of a genuine 'Red Alert'.

*Please be aware this page will soon be unavailable. For information on all the core functions of the SoloProtect ID visit our new page here.

SoloProtect ID allows users to provide valuable background information about where they are, the activities being carried out and any apparent or potential risks when they are lone working. This is all done via the 'Amber Alert' function.

Using a voice message facility, the ID records and stores your message to our Alarm Receiving Centre monitoring systems. 'Amber Alert' messages are accessed in the event of a genuine 'Red Alert' and are not listened to routinely.

To carry out an 'Amber Alert' press the bottom left button on the rear of the device (see image above). The ID will vibrate three times and a light will begin to flash, this signals that the device is recording. Once these lights change to a solid light the user will have 10 seconds of recording time remaining.

Recording key information routinely could prove vital in helping our Alarm Handlers identify the situation and carry out the appropriate response in the event of a 'Red Alert'.

Users should leave regular and relevant 'Amber Alerts', especially if they are moving from multiple addresses throughout their working day. As such, this information should always be current and appropriate.

If requested, 'Amber Alerts' can also be set-up on a timer basis where periodic snoozing of the device is required.