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Next SoloProtect Insights update to accommodate ID Pro, set for October

Latest release of SoloProtect's leading lone worker portal, set to harness the functionality of the organisation's innovative new device.

SoloProtect Insights, the company's customer portal, will unveil an updated release later this month. It will showcase a significant amount of functionality, specifically to support the range of features available on The SoloProtect ID Pro. Updates within the release are set to be available to SoloProtect clients that are deploying the device, which is available for the first time, as of quarter four, 2019.

The ID Pro is SoloProtect’s premium, lone worker offering focussed on delivering a high level of functionality and customisation - to reduce risk across a variety of use cases, and to deliver comprehensive protection and engagement for the device user.

ID Pro is the first dedicated device of its kind - an ID badge form-factor, but with a wide range of optional functionality including the streaming of body worn video (BWV) footage during a live 'Red Alert', the delivery of 'on-device' Risk Messaging to a user, and the ability to confirm a worker's indoor location in an alarm, in conjunction with a network of Bluetooth Beacons.

The next Insights release is scheduled for a target date of 29.10.19, and showcases the portal's ability to deliver 'Risk Messaging' to device users, which can be triggered manually by a lone worker manager - with full viewing and editing capability prior to sending, even giving feedback on how the message will look on the receiving user's device.

In addition, clients can opt for location-based risk messaging too. This allows the creation of locations within the system, including the ability to define geofenced perimeters, giving tailored alerts that are relevant to users and managers alike. This is primarily designed to improve the safety of personnel as a dynamic incident is potentially unfolding, but the feature can also be used to improve communications across a mobile team, or to assist the flow of operations around customer delivery.

Full release notes will be available within Insights, from the day of the release, under the 'Announcements' section.

Article Published 24.10.2019