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Getting You The Right Response

From a simple call to a lone worker manager, up to a priority Police response - we've got it covered.

Identicom was the first dedicated lone worker device to be awarded the coveted 'Secured By Design' accreditation owned by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives Ltd. Secured By Design is "the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of designing out crime". Put simply, the Identicom lone worker device is recognised by the UK Police as being a robust and effective tool in reducing the impact of crime perpetrated against lone workers.

Our audit approval against BS 8484:2016 (The UK standard for lone worker device services) also means the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is able to place an emergency call one level higher than a 999 call, directly into the relevant Police Force's control centre via a URN (Unique Reference Number). This is called a 'Level One - Priority' response and is currently the most efficient way to obtain a Police response for a lone worker in the UK. Click here , for more information on this subject. The SoloProtect ARC was opened in 2015 and is EN 50518 accredited.

SoloProtect support The Suzy Lamplugh TrustWe're a proud supporter of Suzy Lamplugh Trust and its goal to raise awareness around the importance of personal safety.

Our UK Head Office, Suzy Lamplugh House, is named in Suzy's memory, and is used by the trust to deliver training to clients in and the around the north of the UK.

Since Suzy's dissappearance in 1986, the Trust has been involved in numerous activities to support, educate and campaign nationally, with individuals and other organisations to help improve personal safety.

SoloProtect is a member of the British Security Industry Association's (BSIA) Lone Worker Section, which is chaired by SoloProtect UK Managing Director, Craig Swallow. The business is certified as a BS8484 approved Lone Worker Device Manufacturer, Lone Worker Service Supplier and Alarm Receiving Centre.