Getting You The Right Response

From a simple call to a lone worker manager, up to a priority Police response - we've got it covered.

Any personal safety solution is only worth the response it can elicit, that's why SoloProtect has invested in in-house alarm monitoring technology and achieved key industry certifications to enable comprehensive support and the best possible response for a lone worker in distress.

The SoloProtect Monitoring Centre is certified to EN 50518, which is The European Standard for Alarm Receiving Centres, and a key consideration within BS 8484 (the British Standard for Lone Working) regarding the provision of 24/7 alarm support. It is this accreditation that allows us to request a priority response for your worker.

Time to Listen

On average, our ‘Time to Listen’ (TTL) is just 4.6 seconds, that’s over 50% faster than the requirement stated in BS 8484. Our Operator is listening extremely quickly.

Time to Verify

On average, our ‘Time to Verify’ (TTV) is just over 41 seconds on average. This is only one quarter of the time needed to adhere to British Standards and ensures the best possible response for the worker.

SoloProtect is a member of the British Security Industry Association's (BSIA) Lone Worker Section.

Take a look at our Lone Worker Alarms page to find out more.



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