Sky Lone Worker Case Study

Sky is using SoloProtect devices to keep workers safe while they work alone.

Sky, a leading home entertainment and communications company, has purchased 48 state-of-the-art lone worker devices from SoloProtect to protect its front-line staff.

The discreet ID badge-style device allows workers to raise an alarm if they experience verbal abuse, physical attack or fall ill.

The device has GPS tracking, can capture the audio of verbal abuse and automatically detects if a worker trips or falls.

Head of Access Implementation, stated that the device helps staff feel safer and gives them the confidence to raise an alarm quickly if their safety is ever compromised:

"Sky takes the health and safety of its employees very seriously. After being provided with excellent customer service through the SoloProtect solution over the last three years, we have now taken the decision to update our devices. ID has helped our staff feel safer - it gives them the confidence to know that they could quickly raise an alarm if their safety was ever compromised. We also like the added functionality of the new device, which can detect if a staff member trips or falls, and our team find it discreet and easy to use."

Sky has been using SoloProtect since 2010 and chose the ID device over other lone worker devices trialled by their engineers due to their discretion and ease of use.

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