SoloProtect Insights

Enhancing the user experience for all SoloProtect customers.

SoloProtect Insights is a customer engagement portal, making solution management simple and straightforward, for anyone implementing a SoloProtect lone worker solution.

Insights streamlines a customer's user experience, affording lone worker managers and administrators greater control, flexibility and increased speed of implementation. It's also a useful point of reference for end users wishing to access training material and support.

The product is available to all customers as a standard option when deploying of a SoloProtect lone worker solution.

Insights employs a number of intuitive features, to deliver several key benefits:

  • A dramatic reduction in time spent on lone worker solution administration.
  • Quick and easy ways to store important user contact information, working patterns or important medical details that may inform how a ‘Red Alert’ is best handled. Changes will then be live within the SoloProtect Monitoring Center in minutes.
  • A simple drag and drop style interface and the ability to bulk-upload users into groups, making it easier for customers to manage their lone workers and devices.
  • Accessible online training for administrators and end users, including knowledge check elements, supported by full audit trail.
  • An agnostic design, allowing adaptive viewing capabilities for users and managers alike on their mobile devices, tablets, laptops and personal computers.

Your lone worker solution, at your finger-tips:

Designed for ease of use, Insights utilizes a concise dashboard that takes customers through the set up process providing useful metrics:

  • Number of lone worker devices and users in a customer’s account
  • Allocated devices and the staff member assigned
  • Number of incomplete User Profile forms
  • Devices that have no assigned escalation list

Set up and support:

Intuitive features such as wizard tooltips, visual indicators, and templates, provides supporting information needed to ensure they maximize the benefits that the platform offers. Whether this be deploying the drag and drop feature, bulk uploading lone workers into groups, or allocating multiple workers to a device, customers will be advised and supported each step of the way.

Enhanced features such as the drag and drop management screens allow managers to carry out administration tasks that would often be time consuming, in a quick and efficient manner, including:

  • Manage end-users into groups
  • Add end-users to specific or multiple devices
  • Allocate escalation lists to devices
  • View the status of device

Adaptive Viewing:

Using an agnostic design both users and managers alike can access SoloProtect Insights via their mobile device or tablet, as well as their laptop or computer. Having the ability to view, update and amend their Insights from multiple devices offers a range of benefits to both lone worker managers and their staff:

  • 24/7 access to Insights
  • Making amendments while on the move
  • Flexibility – Customers do not have to be in the office or at their desk to make a quick or urgent change

User Training:

Within Insights, solution users can access video training and support - including a useful knowledge-check process, and audit trail. Split into bite-sized sections, but with an engaging, graphical style - users can quickly acquire the necessary understanding - or get a knowledge refresh as required.

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