Business Case for Investing in a Lone Worker Solution

Considering investing in a personal safety or lone working solution? Here are the most important business case considerations.

When you’re presenting a business case for investment in a lone worker or personal safety solution, you must clearly explain the safety, financial, legal, operational, reputational, and wellbeing benefits to the key stakeholders in your organisation.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve outlined some of the most important business case considerations, providing you with the arsenal you need to get the necessary investment.

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The document covers:

The legal and financial implications of not protecting your workers from harm

Legal and financial implications

Aside from the catastrophic and obvious human cost of tragedy, there are various financial and legal implications should one of your employees be seriously injured or killed at work. Our business case for lone working or personal safety devices explores these implications in more detail and looks at a recent case study where a construction company was fined following a scaffolding collapse.

How investing in a lone working solution can help you to protect your brand reputation
Brand reputation

What happens to your brand and your business when people think you don't protect and support your workforce? Our business case outlines some of the more significant consequences.

Duty of care: are you looking after your biggest asset?

Duty of care

As significant as the financial and legal implications are, looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees shouldn’t just be about the repercussions following an incident. It’s about being proactive. Employers have a duty of care to do everything possible to protect staff (particularly lone workers), from risk.

How lone working devices can help you to attract and retain the best staff
Best staff

Many organisations pride themselves on their “safety-first” values, and it’s these values that form part of a strong Employee Value Proposition. But it’s easy to write and talk about the importance of health and safety within your organisation. Could investing in lone working or personal safety devices (or a mobile app) help you to demonstrate that you practice what you preach?

Supporting your ESG / CSR commitments


How can implementing a personal safety solution help to support your ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and/or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy? We explain how being a responsible business can provide a route to success.

Maximising your return on investment in lone working or personal safety technology

Return on investmentInvesting in health and safety technology is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly and you should consider a solution that will deliver valuable functionality on an ongoing basis - sometimes even beyond the primary reason for implementation - to ensure you’re getting the best possible return.

Other important business case considerations for a lone working or personal safety solution

Business Case considerationsFinally, we highlight some additional things to think about when pitching your business case for a lone working solution - helping you to explain the benefits to your key stakeholders, along with some of the financial savings you could make ...
Did you know that a personal safety solution could help to reduce your insurance premiums? …

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