8 Reasons Why Personal Safety Devices Should be Part of Your Retail Loss Prevention Strategy

We explore 8 reasons why personal safety devices should be part of a loss prevention strategy in your retail shop.

A 2023 British Retail Consortium crime survey estimated that the total cost of retail crime stood at £1.76bn for the 12-month period to April 2023. It also showed incidents of violence and abuse towards retail workers had almost doubled when compared with pre-pandemic levels. There were 867 incidents per day in 2021-22.

Protecting your store from stock loss, and other types of crime is a top priority in the world of retail. Loss prevention is a multifaceted challenge, but with the right strategies and tips, you can minimise retail shrinkage and ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Technology can play a significant role in retail store security, so in this article we'll explore how personal safety devices can be integrated into your loss prevention approach, providing an effective solution to both safeguard your retail stock and ensure staff wellbeing.

Here are 8 ways that personal safety devices can bolster your defences:

1. Improve retail worker safety

Personal safety devices like covert panic buttons and wearable alarms can be issued to employees, especially those working late shifts, in isolated areas of the store, or when opening or locking up. These devices offer a lifeline in case of threats or emergencies, enabling employees to quickly call for help.

When the Red Alert button is pressed on a SoloProtect device, our specially trained operators discreetly listen in to the incident and escalate quickly to security personnel, managers and/or the emergency services. This rapid response capability ensures swift action in the event of security incidents, theft, or threats reducing the risk of stock losses and harm.

2. Document your retail incidents

Some personal safety devices, like the lone worker solutions provided by SoloProtect, have features like GPS tracking and audio recording. This documentation, often combined with CCTV, can be invaluable for identifying and prosecuting individuals involved in theft, vandalism, or other criminal activities within the store.

3. Improve retail employee confidence

Providing personal safety devices can boost employees' confidence, knowing they have a means of protection readily available. This, in turn, can lead to increased job satisfaction and reduced employee turnover. Also, with the right training, staff are well-prepared to respond to threats and minimise losses.

4. Enhance customer service in-store

When employees feel safe and secure, they can provide better customer service. This positive atmosphere can contribute to a better shopping experience, potentially increasing customer loyalty and reducing incidents of shoplifting.

5. Use data to make informed decisions

Using personal safety devices from SoloProtect would allow managers to view data about the number of genuine incidents involving certain stores or members of staff. This data can be analysed to identify patterns and areas where additional security measures may be needed.

6. Boost retail compliance and reduce liability

Employers who provide personal safety devices to their staff demonstrate a commitment to employee safety and reduce potential liability in case of workplace incidents.

7. Provide a deterrent to shoplifting and violence

Making personal safety devices visible and known to potential wrongdoers can sometimes act as a deterrent (e.g. bodyworn video). But it’s equally as important to have a discreet means of calling for help too. In certain situations, e.g. shoplifting or attack, letting the offender know you have called for help can cause a situation to escalate.

8. Choose a cost-effective investment

Personal safety devices are a cost-effective investment for retailers. While they provide a wide range of security benefits, they often come at a relatively low cost compared to potential losses from theft and shrinkage. Investing in these devices not only protects your store but also offers peace of mind without breaking the bank. It's a prudent financial decision that can lead to long-term savings and improved profitability for your retail business.

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Integrating personal safety devices into your retail security and loss prevention strategy is a proactive step towards protecting your store, employees, and assets. By enhancing employee safety, deterring criminals, enabling rapid responses, and collecting valuable data, you can fortify your retail operations and create a safer shopping environment.

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