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Our History

SoloProtect delivers the best lone worker safety solutions to customers worldwide.

Behind the SoloProtect ID - When attending a Suzy Lamplugh Trust event in 2002 Craig Swallow, Founder and now Managing Director of SoloProtect, Europe, surveyed a room of people engrossed in lone worker safety, all of whom were wearing identity badges as part of entry to the show. It struck him that a mobile communications device with a discreet form-factor such as this would be invaluable to lone workers. This idea later became SoloProtect ID, a discreet lone worker device utilizing GSM technology (Global System for Mobile Communications) that is styled as an identity card holder allowing a user to raise an alarm to obtain help in the event of abuse, attack, a incapacitation, or to be located via GPS (Global Positioning System). This idea became the platform upon which SoloProtect was launched.

As we expand into new markets, we aim to maintain our position as the leading provider worldwide of compelling technology solutions and associated services that improve the safety and productivity of lone workers.