Our History

SoloProtect delivers the best lone worker safety solutions to customers worldwide.

A little bit about us . .

SoloProtect (originally Connexion2 Limited), was formed in 2003, with the aim of providing innovative personal safety devices for lone, or remote workers. Initially, the majority of our customers were comprised of traditionally 'Public Sector' organizations - Local Authorities, Housing Associations and NHS Trusts, Support Organizations and Charities. The kind of organizations that employ significant numbers of staff that work alone for periods of time, are community based, or perhaps required to visit other people's homes or remote areas. These types of employers continue to be SoloProtect customers in 2021.

In addition, over the course of the last decade in particular, an increasing number private sector organizations have deployed a SoloProtect personal safety solution. This is driven by an increase in risk reporting at board-room level, with brand protection initiatives and a continued emphasis on staff well-being and reducing business risk being key considerations to deploy.

SoloProtect is owned by The Broady family, US investors with a proven track record of developing growth in recurring revenue and technology businesses. We serve customers in the UK, US, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

Our solution in 2021 is very different to the one launched in the early 2000's - ensuring the best possible outcome for our service users remains the priority - but our approach has developed to offer more value, enabled by the solution.

Delighting the user with their experience of course, but delivering genuine benefit to the department manager - in terms of visibility and flexibility, to offer time savings to solution administrators through market-leading systems, and to deliver compelling reporting to senior stakeholders that isn't ticking a box, but demonstrating genuine return on investment. All of this is delivered through SoloProtect Insights, our solution management tool.

For more on our lone worker solutions, please see here.

SoloProtect is a proud supporter of Suzy Lamplugh Trust, and its goal to raise greater awareness around the importance of personal safety education.

The company's UK Office, Suzy Lamplugh House is named in Suzy's memory, and is used by the trust to deliver training to clients from around the UK.

Every personal safety solution sold by SoloProtect, contributes directly to the trust.