Personal Safety Mobile App

Is a Personal Safety Mobile app the best option for your employees that work alone?

Many employers are actively considering Personal Safety Mobile apps to equip employees that work alone in the event of verbal abuse, aggression, or injury.

Lone worker safety apps can be a great way to reduce risk and to deploy across your workforce, who may already have been issued an Android or iOS cell phone as part of their work equipment.

Issuing a Personal Safety Mobile app to employees can also be a cost-effective way to engender better occupational safety along with great flexibility across an organization. Empowering teams and equipping them with 24/7 monitoring support when needed - with the simplicity of delivering to staff directly to their cell phone(s). 

SoloProtect Mobile is available as part of a fully managed, lone worker solution from SoloProtect and is available to Android and iOS users.

SoloProtect Personal Safety Mobile app has an engaging and intuitive user interface as well as a number of key solution features including:

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