Lone Worker Safety

Lone worker safety and security has become a top priority for business owners as they consider the need to protect their most valuable assets: their employees.

What is a Lone Worker?

A lone worker is anyone who works by themselves outside of sight or sound of another colleague. This can include someone who often works alone and remote from a brick and mortar office such as an outside sales rep, social worker, utility technician or home health nurse. It can also include someone who works in an isolated area of a large facility, at an outdoor site, or even employees who spend time away from other colleagues such as a retail worker in a stock room. The associated danger of a lone working position can be social or environmental. Social risk exists where contact with the general public is commonplace and risk of verbal assault and threat or risk of physical attack are present. Environmental risk is common in job roles where employees are exposed to instances of ‘Incapacitation’ situations due to working at dangerous heights, in extreme heat, with electricity or chemicals, etc.

A Progressive Approach to Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Duty of care has never been a more important consideration. The liability associated with employee safety creates an opportunity to take a proactive approach to lone worker safety. Imagine the benefit of capturing audio or even video evidence of an incident, or being notified within minuted of a fall or health event resulting in incapacitation. SoloProtect solutions provide peace of mind, business risk mitigation, and so much more.