Panic Button Safety Solution Assists in Healthcare Violence Prevention

Healthcare employers are considering “Panic Buttons” for safety of home healthcare workers and others working alone in the healthcare industry.

Workplace violence is a hazard in every industry, especially industries that employ lone workers. People who work in the healthcare Industry are prime targets for both verbal and physical violence – violence that can involve clients, visitors, strangers, and other workers. Researchers have found that physical violence affects nurses in all work environments and all regions of the world.

According to a Bureau of Labor statistics analysis, violence against medical staff is the most common source of non-fatal injury resulting in time off work in the healthcare industry. Over 70% of emergency nurses reported verbal or physical assaults by both patients and visitors as they were providing care.

However, healthcare industry violence often goes unreported, and when many medical workers suffer, no one knows. Beyond the initial pain and trauma of abuse, the consequences of workplace violence against a healthcare worker include decreased work productivity, post-traumatic stress symptoms and even death. The culture of acceptance of workplace violence must stop. Legislation has its place, but only employee monitoring can assist employers in keeping their lone or in-house workers safe.

Home healthcare carries unique risks, even compared with other health-related fields. Uncontrolled and unpredictable home environments can leave a lone health worker unprotected and in danger. Verbal or physical abuse from a client, their family members, or visitors; a client’s household hazards; and verbal or physical violence, robbery, or vandalism from members of the surrounding community all present real danger to the lone home health employee. Employee monitoring devices assist and track lone workers and employees.

To promote and provide the safety and security of health workers in the field – or of health workers on site – it is vital for employers to have a comprehensive worker safety plan in place. Not only do active prevention plans effectively reduce the risk and occurrence of violent events, but they also improve staff perceptions of their own safety, leading to greater staff retention.

Panic Button safety solution is a proven way to ensure employee safety through discreet and instant access to emergency personnel. They supply lone healthcare workers with safety measures that are unattainable through any other type of training or prevention program. A Panic Button safety solution provides all healthcare employees the means to receive immediate help in an incapacitation situation, even when they are unable to physically request help due to an injury. Panic Button safety solutions gives employers the ability to protect their staff, their reputations, and their bottom line.

SoloProtect’s Panic Button safety solution connects healthcare employees with an emergency dispatch center. With the touch of a button, your lone or in-house workers can reach an emergency operator 24/7/365. If your healthcare employee is injured or feels threatened, he or she can discreetly alert our emergency dispatch center, and together, SoloProtect can protect those who protect others for a living. Lone worker protection and employer peace of mind is SoloProtect’s highest priorities.

Healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses and medical staff should feel honored and respected, never demeaned or in danger. For more information on how you can safeguard your workers, complete the form below. Only a Panic Button safety solution can assist employers in keeping their lone or in-house workers safe.

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