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Lone Worker Safety Plan And Company Policy

Building an effective lone worker safety plan is crucial to the health of your employees and your company. Employers and HR Professionals use this information to develop internal plans and company policy for lone workers.

Your lone workers face an entirely different set of risks and safety issues than do your in-house employees, such as threats from the community, unknown and changing environments, and being alone should something happen to them.

As an employer, you may have the same responsibilities for lone worker safety as for any of your other employees, but you will need to take extra measures to minimize risks to your field workers. No safety plan can rise above its communications ability, and SoloProtect recommends the following lone worker safety plan:

  • A discreet, easy-to-use SoloProtect ID badge with GPS
  • SoloProtect ID's SIM and inclusive airtime
  • Emergency Dispatch Center employee monitoring, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • User training and education
  • Monthly usage reporting
  • Optional 'Incapacitation' alarm functionality
  • Workforce management platform 
  • Dedicated customer support team

Lone working now happens at every level of an organization, and providing your employees with SoloProtect’s lone worker safety plan can assist your company in limiting financial liability that could arise when a worker is hurt or harmed on the job. The National Center for Victims of Crime reports that the average cost for a single occurrence of workplace violence is $250,000 in medical expenses, legal costs, and lost work time.

Having a lone worker safety plan in place not only protects your business’ reputation and financial interests, it also sends a strong message to your employees that their safety is your highest concern. This, in turn, strengthens your organization and your team.

If you’ve never had a workplace violence or safety issue in the field, count your blessings. You are among the few. But the odds are against you. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that nearly two million U.S. workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year, and homicide is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace.

In most workplaces, however, if risk factors can be identified and employers take appropriate precautions, risks can be minimized or prevented. SoloProtect is your lone worker safety plan expert. We will help you ensure the health and protection of your lone workers. You and your lone workers will be fully educated on implementing safety precautions and taking full advantage of safety measures.

Discreet, immediate, reliable, easy. We’ve got what your workers need: The promise of lone worker protection. Call us today at 866-632-6577. We are SoloProtect – the lone worker safety plan that employers trust.