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Lone Worker Safety Solutions

Lone worker safety solutions are critical for employees who work in a remote location, as well as the lone working employees who work by themselves without close or direct supervision; one who is not visible or within hearing distance of other workers.

What is a lone worker? A lone worker isn’t simply a person who works in a remote location. A lone worker is any employee who works by themselves without close or direct supervision; one who isn’t visible or within hearing distance of supervisors or other workers. The need for a lone worker safety solution is crucial, as a lone worker may

  • Work alone in a kiosk, station, shop, or workshop
  • Work alone for long periods of time such as in a warehouse, fairground, factory, or leisure center
  • Work on his own outside normal business hours, such as in security, repair, delivery, or maintenance
  • Work in sales, health care, real estate, postal, social, or engineering industries

Risks to the employee can be social, environmental, or both depending on the type of job he performs, and providing a lone worker safety solution reduces not only risks for the worker, but for the employer as well. Some of the hazards a lone worker may face are

  • Accidents or emergencies that arise from the work he is doing (Environmental risk)
  • Physical violence from intruders or members of the public (Social risk)
  • Sudden illness

Employers have the main responsibility for protecting and securing the safety and health of their lone workers. In fact, employers have a legal duty to reduce the risks of physical and verbal workplace abuse for their workers. If you employ people who work alone, either on-premises or off, you need to consider both existing and potential risks to their safety – and how to reduce them.

SoloProtect is your lone worker safety solution. With SoloProtect’s innovative service, you can capture audio proof of workplace abuse as it’s happening. You can be notified much more quickly of a 'Incapacitation' incident. You can protect your bottom line, too. Workplace violence costs businesses in the U.S. approximately $4.2 billion in legal costs, bad publicity, missed days of work, increased insurance premiums, and medical benefits payouts. Now you can reduce your financial risk and liability and safeguard your most valuable assets – your people - all with SoloProtect.

Ask yourself this question: “If our lone workers were in need of assistance, how quickly would we know?” As an employer, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve given your employees the best. You want to rest assured that you’re protecting them well. You want what SoloProtect provides: a comprehensive and affordable lone worker safety solution.

We provide all lone workers with a reliable and comfortable Identicom device and the security of our 24 hour, 7 day a week dispatch center service. Whenever any safety concern arises, your lone workers can quickly and discreetly connect with emergency personnel and receive the attention and assistance they need. And SoloProtect offers lone worker safety solutions across the globe – wherever your workers are in the U.S., Canada, or the UK, we are there, too.

Protect your employees. Keep your lone workers safe. Contact SoloProtect today. 866-632-6577 – that’s the only number you need for complete lone worker safety solutions.