Why Choose SoloProtect for Your Lone Worker Safety Protection?

SoloProtect brings to the table a trifecta of key differentiators: A proven device, a proven emergency communications expert, and a proven lone worker specialist.

A Proven Device.

The award winning SoloProtect ID is the most widely used lone worker safety device with more than 250,000 units in use worldwide. Uniquely styled as an ID badge, SoloProtect ID is an easy to wear and discreet to use panic button. Equipped with GPS and Auto 'Incapacitation', SoloProtect ID is the ideal device for lone workers facing potential social and environmental risk.

A Proven Emergency Communications Expert.

We believe that the right people with the right training results in the right response. Our EDC operators are Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher (AEMD), CPR and HIPPA certified to assure you have the best-trained response team 24/7/365. AEMD is a higher level of certification than is often required in 911 emergency response centers. The level of both initial and ongoing training our operators receive results in unmatched preparation to professionally respond to any emergency call.

In addition to having a highly trained staff, the dispatch center uses sophisticated hardware and automation software. This process helps digitally record, date, and time stamp each call which then may be replayed on request and emailed. The EDC is a state of the art dispatch center employing redundant power, telephone, server and data backup systems and a fully redundant emergency backup center. Learn more.

A Proven Lone Worker Specialist.

Founded in 2003, SoloProtect was established with the aim of improving the safety and the productivity of lone workers. The company is based in Sheffield, UK, but services partners and customers based all over the world across a wide range of market sectors.

When attending a Suzy Lamplugh Trust event in 2002 Craig Swallow, Managing Director of SoloProtect, surveyed a room of people engrossed in lone worker safety, all of whom were wearing ID badges as part of entry to the show. It struck him that a mobile communications device with a discreet form-factor such as this would be invaluable to lone workers. This idea later became SoloProtect ID.

SoloProtect continues to deliver solutions that are tailored to their user: simple to use, effective in their operation, and designed to empower lone workers and organizations. SoloProtect allows you to operate your buisness with total peace of mind.

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