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Safety and Efficiency Within Home Healthcare Industries

Making sure that a company’s employees are working efficiently is important. It’s also as important to make sure employees are working safely. But, if the employees aren’t able to work on a safe job site, then there is a strong likelihood that efficiency will go out the window. There is a strong correlation between an employee’s safety and their ability to work efficiently.

It’s important to maintain a safe environment because it reflects compassion and a watchfulness for patients and home healthcare employees as well as a level of competence. This is especially important in the second-fastest growing sector with the US economy, healthcare. There are nearly two-and-a-half million healthcare workers in the United States, and that number is expected to grow even beyond that.

Making sure that a job site is improved and made as safe as possible can attract new prospective employees; nobody wants to work for a company or at a job site where their safety is in a constant state of compromise. While some career paths possess an inherent level of risk associated with them – i.e. law enforcement, healthcare, construction, etc. – the steps an employer takes to ensure the safety of their employees speaks volumes about the kind of business they run.

For home healthcare workers, many of the unsafe conditions originate from the actual environment in which they work, but it can also be from the patients with which they interact. Frequently, healthcare professionals are spending one-on-one time with patients, and in some of those cases – depending on the nature of the patient’s condition – it’s entirely possible that the patient might pose a danger to themselves and the employee.

Solo Protect has created a discreet safety wearable device to help assist the home healthcare industry. By providing a unique solution, home healthcare employees have the ability to feel safe at work 24/7/365. Taking a proactive approach to protect your home healthcare employees results in a more efficient employee when their safety concerns are met. When employers make worker safety a priority, departments and customers reap the benefits of a secure and supported work environment.  For more information about how Solo Protect can help safeguard your works, contact us today at 866.632-6577!

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