Emergency Monitoring Center

The SoloProtect Monitoring Center - a state of the art environment, delivering the best possible response to your lone workers.

What is an Emergency Monitoring Center?

The SoloProtect Monitoring Center is a state-of-the-art facility that handles all of the lone worker alarms generated by SoloProtect users in the US.

It is a 24/7/365 environment that is there to deliver class-leading monitoring to our customers. It is a highly equipped and robust environment to deliver efficient monitoring services while ensuring the highest level of physical and cyber security protection for our alarm systems and customer data.

A credible personal safety solution is enabled by a lone worker device or application, but the response value of a solution is driven by the Monitoring Center which determines the support it can provide for the lone worker in need of assistance. The Monitoring Center is key to immediately supporting the device or app user, responsible for the swift management and understanding of any ‘Red Alert’ and escalating the incident appropriately on the lone worker’s behalf.


HIPPA compliant and Certified Emergency Operators to handle calls 24/7

We take important steps to ensure the privacy of each emergency calls. The recorded call is kept at our monitoring center and is encrypted and kept on a secure server. All emergency monitoring center operators are Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher (AEMD) certified, Red Cross CPR trained and HIPAA compliant trained to assure you have the best response team 24/7/365 and that user's PHI stays private. 

How does the Emergency Monitoring Center support a lone worker solution?

Upon activation by a user, a lone worker device or app will make an outbound call that will connect to our Monitoring Center as soon as possible in line with network availability. Within seconds, that call is answered and passed to a Monitoring Center Operator to commence listening to the audio captured and begin the process of Emergency Alarm Verification.

The Emergency Monitoring Center is there to deliver the best possible response for a lone worker who may be on the receiving end of verbal or physical aggression, or injury due to an accident or illness. The Operator will manage the situation and stay with the user throughout its entirety, escalating appropriately to any supporting third parties including the Emergency Services, to deliver the best possible resolution for the worker.

SoloProtect's Monitoring Center uses an automatic identification of the correct Public Safety Answering Point (Responding Authority) (PSAP) based on the location of the user. This is no small feat with more than 6,000 PSAPs across the U.S. In addition to having a highly trained staff, the dispatch center uses sophisticated hardware and automation software to digitally record, date and time stamp each call which may be replayed on request and emailed as .WAV files for company records or to be submitted as evidence in a dispute.

Other Language options:

SoloProtect Monitoring Operators are highly competent, trained, and work within rigorous internal processes and procedures, while also adhering to emergency guidelines regarding the escalation of all alarms.

Plus, the ability to speak any language in seconds. Equipped to handle calls in over 230+ languages. 

Typical Response to a Monitoring Center Alarm:

The SoloProtect Monitoring Center will swiftly answer and assign any Red Alert call. This is an automated process to ensure it is highly efficient, minimizing the amount of time a lone worker in distress is awaiting the alarm verification process to commence. In terms of an average response time, one of our operators is listening to the audio in just over four seconds from the call connection.

To successfully verify and establish the nature of the Red Alert on average that will take just 41 seconds. From there, an operator is appropriately escalating the alert, in line with the demands of the situation.

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