Do you have a lone worker protection plan in place?

The workforce is a company's most valuable asset, and employee protection is a main priority for executives. Consider the statistics of workplace safety in the US and keep your employees safe

Employee safety is of top importance when it comes to job satisfaction, retention, and the mitigation of business risk. Companies are now taking the step to not only educate their workforce on matters of workplace safety, but also forming committees to find out what other solutions may exist to truly keep their staff safe every day. What protection plan does your company have in place for workforce safety, especially for your lone workers?

Around the globe, companies are adopting the use of an employee monitoring device. The employee who works alone no longer needs to feel alone when out in the field.

Using a personal safety device enables a worker who feels threatened physically, or one suffering a medical issue or an injury on the job to connect with emergency personnel and prompt support is the latest in employee protection. Workers feel safer as they head out to their job-related duties, knowing that needed help is available in just a button-activated moment. And the isolated worker is able to feel that the company acknowledges his value.

Employees who work alone represent a fast-growing number in the workforce. Many don’t see a fellow-employee all day long. These employees, whose work takes them away from co-workers and the comparative safety of a brick and mortar facility, are facing an ever-growing personal safety risk.

SoloProtect is the world’s leading source for lone worker protection and personal safety devices. We provide proven, global, affordable, trusted security solutions for your employees, providing training, support, and employee monitoring for safety. Make sure your at-risk workers are connected to the emergency dispatch center that is on the job 24/7/365 and is trained to handle whatever risk your workers meet. When you’re ready for an unparalleled employee-safety monitoring service that works when your workers need it, call us at 866-632-6577, or contact SoloProtect here for more information. Together we’ll put the perfect employee protection and safety plan in place for your lone workers.

A few workplace safety statistics:

4,405 workers were killed on the job in 2013- on average, 85 a week or more than 12 deaths every day. -OSHA

Nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in 2012, with more than 50% involving days away from work, job transfer or restriction. - US Bureau of Labor Statistics

In the last 15 years, homicides resulting from workplace violence have ranked among the top four causes of occupational fatalities in American workplaces. - US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Workplace violence costs U.S. businesses approximately $4.2 billion annually in missed days of work, legal costs, increased insurance premiums, medical benefits payouts, bad publicity, etc. National Safe Workplace Institute

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