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Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

SoloProtect worker safety solutions include employee protection via employee monitoring solutions of ID badge for incapacitation and workplace violence situations. Protect your employees and keep lone workers safe.

Workplace violence is an unfortunate reality. Because of this, lone worker protection has moved to the forefront of thought for both workers and management over the past several years. The need for employee protection is a paramount concern. Employers trust SoloProtect’s promise of protection to provide discreet, immediate, reliable, easy employee monitoring for your lone workers and other staff members when they are exposed to danger.

Discreet Employee Monitoring for Improved Protection

SoloProtect’s one-way communication is discreet protection for your employees facing risk. Worn as an ID badge, your field worker can activate the button on the backside of the badge to alert the dedicated call center of a threatening situation without an aggressor’s knowledge. The operator is able to discreetly listen to the situation as it develops, or stands down, and will respond appropriately to protect your worker.

Lone workers and service employees protected by SoloProtect are covered by the emergency call center staff 24/7/365 so that they are never more than a button’s push away from reaching help. The connection is made within a couple of seconds of the worker’s activating the distress button on the badge. With features that allow “better than GPS” location ability, the closest 911 facility can be alerted to the dangerous situation and find your worker wherever the worksite.

Reliable Improved Employee Protection

SoloProtect provides a reliable emergency employee monitoring and dispatch services for a quarter century. Our dedicated call center is staffed with highly trained, AEMD (Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatch) CPR and HIPPA certified operators prepared to assist your worker discreetly and immediately, and is capable of receiving five million calls annually. All red-alert call-ins are recorded for verification, health-related information and are admissible in court to reduce risk by protecting your worker and your company in litigation, providing reliable protection for your bottom line and business reputation as well as for your employees.

Easily Accessible Improved Employee Protection

SoloProtect ID is worn on the body like an ID badge, and is easily accessible by your lone worker. It is activated with the touch of a button, making it easier to use than a cell phone. Additionally, the auto alert in 'Incapacitation' situations can switch to two-way communication with the call center operator who is capable of giving medical advice in health-related emergencies.

Workplace violence is a reality, and 'Incapacitation' situations in the field do arise. The threat of danger is real to your employees, and this responsibility weighs heavily –putting workers at risk and business reputation at stake as well as creating the possibility of legal issues and compensation costs. You should always do the right thing. SoloProtect is the right way to protect your lone field and service workers – all your employees.

Only SoloProtect can provide you with peace of mind and the knowledge of having done the right and best thing for the security of your employees. You can rest easy when you know each worker has open access to immediate aid from trained operators ready to help when dangerous situations arise. When you want the promise of protection for your workers, call SoloProtect at 866-632-6577 for more information, or visit us at and follow us in social media. Together we’ll protect your employees and your business’ bottom line. Contact SoloProtect today.