SoloProtect Curve is a contemporary, touchscreen personal safety fob with lots of safety features including Wi-Fi Calling.

A sleek personal safety fob

The SoloProtect Curve is a modern and stylish personal safety device that has a comprehensive range of safety features. Its small, sleek and contemporary design makes it a great option for both work and personal use.

The device is dust and water-proof (IP67) and features a user-friendly touchscreen, 4G connectivity, and Wi-Fi Calling, allowing users to easily and quickly call for help at the push of a button.

It's an ideal choice for those looking for a 24/7 safety device that also appeals to their sense of style.

Additionally, customers have access to SoloProtect Insights, a platform that facilitates user onboarding, training, reporting, and more.

Dimensions: 76mm (height) x 49mm (width) x 22mm (depth)

Take a look at the full range of SoloProtect Curve features and benefits below.

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Safety Features

Red Alert

A 24/7 emergency alarm, designed to get help to your workers when they need it most.


The Check-In feature allows a user to record a 20-second voice message, providing details about their location and activity. The information provided helps our operators to provide the quickest possible response in an emergency.

Incapacitation Alert

The device will detect a slip, trip or fall (sometimes known as a "man down alarm").


Our specially trained operators will chaperone a worker in non-emergency situations when there's a clear safety risk.

Monitoring Timer

In areas with low signal, the Monitoring Timer offers extensive protection and peace of mind to lone and remote working employees.

24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

Provided by our state-of-the-art Emergency Monitoring Center where specially trained operators are on hand 24/7/365 to deliver the best possible response to your lone workers.

Latest Location

Monitor the location of your mobile workforce to track the progress of work, redeploy workers to where they're needed, and identify efficiencies.

Working Status

Allows workers to specify whether they’re available, off shift, or on annual leave, for example.


NEW: Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling function ensures an optimal connection indoors or in low signal areas (where a secure Wi-Fi network is available).

Easy to use touchscreen

The touchscreen interface is extremely easy to use which means minimal user training is required.

Discreet and contemporary design

Easily raise an alarm at the push of a button without breaking eye contact with an assailant.

Dependable battery life

Your touchscreen devices will last for up to 55 hours depending on the level of usage.

Water and dust proof (IP67)

The device can be used inside and out, and will not be affected by the elements or dusty or wet conditions.

4G LTE cellular connectivity

SoloProtect safety devices will access 4G cellular networks to give you the best possible coverage.

Geolocation technology

Our devices and app use advanced geolocation technology to ensure we can quickly pinpoint a user's location in an emergency.

Privacy Toggle

Allows location sharing to be switched on or off in line with company policy.

Roaming SIM card included

The device will automatically use the network with the strongest signal to ensure optimal connectivity.

Language selection

Users of our touchscreen devices or mobile app can select their preferred language to improve usability.

Ideal for nighttime use

The touchscreen is similar to that of a mobile phone which makes it easy to use in the dark.

Wear on a lanyard

The SoloProtect Curve is ideal for wearing on a lanyard. It's small and light and won't get in the way.