SoloProtect Promoting Safer Drinking for Students

SoloProtect is partnering with student accommodation provider Unite Students to promote safer nights out during this years' Fresher's Week.

Unite provides residential accommodation to around 50,000 students in approximately 140 buildings across the UK, and is the largest, and most established purpose-built student accommodation provider in the UK.

SoloProtect is an organisation that’s passionate about personal safety; they have years of experience in delivering world-class lone worker protection through their dedicated lone worker devices.

SoloProtect ID is a lone worker device that’s designed to be discreet and easy to use. The fully managed lone worker security service affords peace of mind for staff at every level of an organisation, and comprehensive support for lone workers out in the community, at remote locations or whilst carrying out specific jobs or tasks that carry an element of risk.

SoloProtect have been protecting the Unite Students' workforce for over 8 years now and are happy to be involved in freshers’ week activity this year throughout the country. By protecting their lone workers, Unite are creating positive and safe environments and demonstrating that they care, not just about their workforce but about their residents too.

As part of this campaign Unite Students has worked with the alcohol awareness charity, Drinkaware, to produce the content promoting healthy attitude towards safe consumption of alcohol and give practical tips and advice on how to spot signs and deal with alcohol poisoning.

SoloProtect will be sponsoring bottles of water to university freshers in order to promote safer drinking. Craig Swallow, Managing Director of SoloProtect, commented:

“Unite Students are using their years of experience to offer advice and information on personal safety and safer drinking and we’re extremely happy to be involved, as personal safety is extremely important to us. Like lone working, if you’re a young student, in a new town it’s important to stay vigilant. Don’t wonder off alone, pace yourself, stay alert and be sure to drink plenty of water’.

Unite’s Student Services and Health & Safety teams have worked alongside city teams and experts from Drinkaware to design this year’s Personal Safety campaign, as well as securing sponsorship from SoloProtect to support the activities.

“The aim,” explains Stephanie Camm (H&S Manager, Projects & Comms), “is to reduce the number of student safety related incidents during the settling in period by providing students with practical information and guidance on ways to feel safe and stay safe.”

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