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Proven Lone Worker Technology with Discreet Operation

The SoloProtect ID is the most-widely used lone worker device in the UK, and has been supplied to over 300,000 lone workers since development. 

Primarily used by anyone who may have to present identification as part of their job and suited for a lone worker carrying out appointments in people's homes, or if community-based.

With an ID badge form-factor that allows discreet operation without having to break eye-contact, the device links to 24/7/365 Monitoring Center at the push of a button.

Features include:

  • Discreet operation during 'Red Alert'
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring Center support
  • Geolocation via GNSS for shorter time to fix / improved accuracy
  • Incapacitation alarm (option)
  • Rip Alarm
  • Integrates with Mobile Workforce Management
  • Easy on-boarding via SoloProtect Insights

Insight Section Header

Flexibility Across all Devices

Flexibility Across all Devices

Our customer engagement portal, SoloProtect Insights, offers adaptive viewing. Giving flexibility across your PC, laptop or mobile device - meaning administration or training is always available.

Flexibility Across all Devices

Visibility At Your Finger Tips

SoloProtect Insights gives you great visibility of what needs attention, via a concise dashboard, and some handy metrics. Easy set-up, wizard tooltips and device allocation info, gives an administrator everything needed for efficient solution management.

Flexibility Across all Devices

User Friendly Training

Solution users can access video training and support - including a useful knowledge-check process, and audit trail. Split into bite-sized sections, but with an engaging, graphical style - users can quickly acquire the necessary understanding.