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Hot on the heels of announcing SoloProtect Go, we're extremely proud to have added another member to the SoloProtect family. Introducing the convenient and stylish SoloProtect Watch.

It became evidently clear to us, while spending a great deal of time talking, and listening to our customers, that no single device fits all needs. Whilst the SoloProtect ID is still the most widely used lone worker device in the UK, the ID form factor is not suitable for everyone. And while the SoloProtect Go is the smallest and lightest lone worker device available within a BS 8484 solution, there are still a great deal of workers not being catered for. For example, many employees are not required to wear an ID badge and would prefer not to wear or carry a key fob.

With this in mind, we decided it was time to further adapt, and offer an even broader range of products. Which brings us to the SoloProtect Watch – our new lone worker wearable.

The key to any lone worker solution is discretion, and we believe at SoloProtect we offer a broad range of the most discreet devices on the market. The SoloProtect Watch is no different.

The SoloProtect Watch integrates our trusted and discreet lone worker safety functionality into a user-friendly design. It includes all the features synonymous with a SoloProtect Solution, such as Geolocation. Using built-in GPS the Watch can be used to quickly capture the user’s location in an emergency situation. On top of this the SoloProtect Watch is also available with automatic incapacitation detection, in the event that a user becomes incapacitated, either by an unknown health issue or a slip, trip or fall. The device will detect movement consistent with a worker falling, and raise an Incapacitation Alarm with the SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre.

As a wearable, the SoloProtect Watch addresses a worker’s need for greater versatility. It enables the user to wear the device conveniently and securely. Along with all of our devices the SoloProtect Watch is simple to use, it incorporates the ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Amber Alert’ capabilities, which send out discreet audio calls to SoloProtect's EN 50518 Alarm Receiving Centre and provide situational background information, as part of a user's dynamic risk assessment. Combined with haptic feedback and a discreet design, all these features contribute to the device’s unique effectiveness for those seeking a wearable.

The SoloProtect Watch combines convenience, style, and true safety management in the form of a wearable. We’re extremely proud of this product, and it joins the ever-growing list of SoloProtect innovations that will transform the lone worker safety industry. It’s clear that with such a varied range of lone workers, operating in a number of different sectors, that a single suitable device does not exist. With ever-increasing risks to lone workers, our wider device range offers greater flexibility, and gives our customers more choice when it comes to protecting their workforce. Therefore, we will continually listen to our customers and always strive to improve and evolve our solutions to ensure lone workers receive unsurpassed protection.

For more information on a range of SoloProtect lone worker solutions please click here.

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