Updated statement regarding the Covid-19 pandemic:

Service remains unaffected, as UK lock-down is extended

In light of the Government announcing a three-week extension to the UK lock-down on 16th April 2020, SoloProtect is continuing to provide an uninterrupted lone worker service to all customers across the UK.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to influence how we are working – and we've implemented a number of operational changes to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers, as outlined last month in a previous company statement.

We will continue to respond to guidance from the UK Government as the pandemic continues to develop. Maintaining a high level of service for our customers remains a key objective, and none of our team in the UK has been furloughed during this time.

The implemented Business Continuity plan includes:

• Home working as standard for all, where the role allows it.

• We have implemented “social distancing” throughout staff remaining within the office space including within the Alarm Receiving Centre itself.

• Access to our Alarm Receiving Centre has been restricted to essential personnel and essential visitors only.

• We have identified those colleagues within our teams who may be more vulnerable to contracting Coronavirus (Covid-19) and implemented actions, both technological and operational, to reduce the risk of transmission.

• We’ve employed digital tools in order to maximise the use of virtual working, and support the continuation of customer communication and meetings.

• We’ve implemented enhanced hygiene procedures and materials within the SoloProtect office environment including deeper office cleaning.

• Restricted on-site access for all personnel that have recently travelled to high-risk areas. If you have a planned visit to SoloProtect in the coming weeks, please discuss with your Account Manager at your earliest convenience.

• We have stopped all unnecessary travel.

• Where required, anyone displaying symptoms (high temperature or persistent cough) or known to have had direct contact with anyone suffering from Coronavirus (Covid-19) will be required to self-isolate for a period of fourteen days (in line with UK Government advice).

• Continuing to follow country-level, governmental advice regarding the ‘delay’ phase of the outbreak, and a range of sources including GOV.UK, WHO and CDC guidelines.

If you require any further information, please contact your nominated SoloProtect Account Manager with any specific questions in this area.

If you are not a SoloProtect Customer, but would like to know more about short-term lone worker protection for the duration of the pandemic, please see below:

3 month contract

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